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Get To Know Us

Our Story

Giddens Holdings was formed in 2022 to absorb and encompass what was once three separate companies each with their own niche purposes. The first business started as a small Amazon FBA operation; the second, a Kindle Direct Publishing online bookstore specializing in low content material, and the third was a small independent production company specializing in short film distribution to streaming services and film festivals around the world.

Today, we have grown our businesses with the help of Amazon, Kindle Direct, Social Media and Crowd Funding to a sustainable and profitable size and are setting our sights even higher in each respective industry. 

As the saying goes: "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one."

We could not agree more! 

Understanding various industries in great depth can - and really does allow for a more educated and well rounded approach to problem solving. Our ethos is based on this premise.

Everything we do is treated with the same respect and reverence as an art; and we allow our experience to inform our art everyday. 

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